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Mega Trade BM provides international business representation for individuals or companies interested in establishing a business presence in the United States or in Brazil. We are committed to globalize business activities and establish a hub where we serve as your resource and representatives in your business start-up or operations in Brazil or in the United States.

The most successful people and organization in the world have one thing in common… they attain success by bringing in the right resources and knowledge to help them navigate through the complexities of their challenges.

Successful organizations and individuals, just like great sports teams, have mentors and partners. Bringing in the right resources and knowledge help provide focus, balance, and a sense of direction, to achieve the established goals.

Through our effective representation, we offer you an opportunity to create a base for a strong footing in the United States or in the Brazilian market and work with you to expand the scope of your trade and business sphere in a cost effective manner.

Mega Trade BM has a team of experienced professionals with the resources, knowledge, and the ability to take care of your business interest by representing you in Public, Private, Industrial & Government organizations. We have the ability to cut through the red-tape by having direct access to the right people and agencies!

In essence, our firm can help you have your own established presence in Brazil or in the United States with complete infrastructure and competent manpower.